Stacy Kozel

(CNN)"The 2,190-mile long Appalachian Trail is daunting even to those who have no trouble walking, and few who set out manage to travel the entire trail.


That hasn't stopped Stacey Kozel. Her paralyzed body hasn't stopped her, either.


The 41-year-old Ohio resident had always been an athlete who loved the outdoors and fresh air. She was always active until lupus stole her muscles and strength, bit by bit."                                        Read More

Stacy passed the halfway mark

Stacey started her hike this March and has already passed the halfway point of the Appalachian Trail. Her determination has earned her a nickname among the hikers on the trail: Ironwill.

On her way

Stacey decided to hike the Appalachian Trail to show people how useful the braces are to insurance companies. She hopes her effort can make it easier for others to get the braces covered.

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