Simple Fishing Pole Holder:

This adaptive idea had been in the back of my mind for some time but because of the lack of almost any grip in my left hand I haven't done anything with it. Recently, I was speaking with a friend who is in a manual chair, which does not have a solid seat pan or arms to connect my pole holder to, so I decided to make this holder which doesn't require connection to a chair.


Beginning this adaption is the same as the cutting for my Fishing Pole Holder. I used a piece of one and a half inch PVC pipe 8" long to start. To make the channel cut refer to the Fishing Pole Holder page. The next step is to rotate the PVC tube a quarter turn and tighten it in the vise again. Using a drill, with a 1/4" drill bit, drill 3 holes one under the other on the side of the pipe. When done, work the drill up and down at an extreme angle to remove any PVC pipe between the holes. After the connecting pieces are removed smooth the slot out with a flat file. Repeat this procedure and on the opposite side of the top. Pass the webbing in the first slot and out the second.


In order to improve the grip-ability the tube was covered with adhesive foam available at Micheal's. Now pass a web belt through both slots at the top forming a loop. This loop can then be placed around your neck and then put one arm through it to have any of the pressure on your back. After Casting the handle of the rod can be slipped into the tube and the line reeled in.


When my friend Andy Dahmen visited us from Utah, summer 2013, we went fishing. His wheelchair had no arms so we adapted this holder for him. While doing so we also made a few changes to the holder. The webbing was passed into the first slot, then passed out the middle slot, knotted on the outside of the tube, and then the remaining strap was passed back into the same slot. Finally, it was passed back outside the third slot and reconnected to the other end of the webbing.  Andy wore the harness over his shoulder so the tube was under his armpit. Friction tape was placed on the end of the rod protruding out the back of the PVC pipe to prevent the pole to prevent it from being pulled out by accident. A 4" piece 3/4" PVC was then slid over the reel's handle (see pages on reel adaptions. It worked fairly well. We should also mention that while practing for the fishing trip Andy realized he could cast using the  Simple Casting Adaption and quickly rotating his body. 

Andy with a catch

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