Andy's Pole Holder Updated

If you have read much on Handihelp you know we are always stressing not to look at any project as "finished." We feel very strongly that adaptions that you have made should be revisited periodically with an eye as to how they may be improved. This page is a great example of what we are talking about.


Several years ago and Andy constructed a Fishing Pole Holder which was extremely clever and very functional. Believe it or not a few months ago someone stole it out of his boat along with several fishing poles. Although frustrated and he looked at this as an opportunity to improve the original by making some changes he had thought about while using it.

PVC tubing in vise

Below and he discusses the new dimensions and changes he made to improve this pole holder.


"This fishing pole holder I made a little smaller. The closer I can keep things to my body the better for my balance. It still is made out of 1 ¼” PCV pipe. This time I used a PCV TEE instead of the slotted adjustable handle I had on the last one. With the 1 ¼” PCV TEE I used a 1 ¼” x 1” bushing. The handle was a 4” long piece of 1” PCV pipe. The piece of 1 ¼” pipe slotted for the reel was 8 ½” long and the long piece of 1 ¼” was 15” long. The long slot for the reel was 3” long. I did grind down the stem of the reel a little so the slots in the PCV pipe did not have to be so wide. When the guy made it he was careful in cutting the small slot in the bottom of the pipe that the reel sits in so that it was tight. This works really good in keeping the reel in place while fishing. A piece of ¾” PVC works great for an extension handle on the reel. The strap was just an old camera strap I had laying around. I wrapped stuff with friction tape and a little camouflage tape so the fish wouldn’t see me coming."

A good look at the locking slot

"Last weekend I caught a trout that weighed about 2 pounds. It put up a pretty good fight and it did not pull forward out of my chair. The secret is getting a pretty good slouch on in my wheelchair so I don’t fall forward."

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New pole holder


New pole holder

Picture of pole locking cut

The cut

It's a good fit

Larger picture

New pole catch

It works

Way to go Andy

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