An Alternative Hitch/Lift Adaption:

In 2010 we had to purchase a new Dodge Van. Because of the extensive modifications they were unable to put a trailer hitch on it. For 7 years I have been frustrated by my need to always have another person and vehicle present in order for me to be taken out of my chair outdoors and transferred, but not anymore.


The other day a local welder, whom I have already spoken about in Anchoring a Hoyer Lift,(online soon) brought over the mount he made for the hot tub and I was telling him about my frustration with the lack of the trailer hitch on my van. He is one of those people who have the ability to find a way to make something work. Once he understood what I was looking for he found a place in the back where there is a welded piece of angle iron with gussets (metal plates used to strengthen another metal piece) on it where he could weld a receiver for the Portable Lift adaption I already had. As you can see from the picture it will be mounted across the back of the van underneath the rear bumper. The crane for the lift will stick out of the back corner and function the same as the one did which went in the trailer hitch on our first van.


It should be noted Hoyer manufactures only one model, known as the Extended Range Lift, that can lower an individual all the way to the ground.

One evening he came and took the van so he could work on it in the cool of the morning. We had to purchase a receiver tube since no scrap was available. The tube cost $30. The angle iron on the van was very rusty and needed to be cleaned before it could be welded. The first 3 gussets were removed. The first and third gussets were welded back on so the base of the triangle was on the bottom to create a flat surface to weld to. Once the area was ready the receiver tube was welded on the 1st and 3rd gussets and to the bottom of the angle iron. Afterwards, things were painted to protect them from the elements. The transfer bar (notice the large gusset on the cylinder) was also painted orange to make it more visible. This adapted equipment is another great example of using local artisans, thinking outside the box and that if you're not planning to tow anything the receiver tube can be mounted elsewhere on the vehicle.

Video pic

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Area where the receiver will be placed

Transfer adapter

Cylinder & gusset

Receiver tube

Welded in Place

Hoyer Crane

Transfer bar in receiver

View from the front

Ready to go

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