Super Quad Mitts:

The page entitled Quad Mitts was one of the original eight pages that made up Handihelp when it first went online in 2008. Looking at that page you can see the changes that have taken place over the years to make them more functional. Knitting, even with thick yarn and a small stitch, still allows air to penetrate. To deal with that I had a pair of Over- Mitts made, which works very well, but negate the use of the open end for your hands to go through. In addition, I eventually had a pair of Quad Mitts made that were closed at the far end for times when it was not necessary to get my hand out. They prove very helpful when I go for a dog sled ride.

Specially made easy access mitten

Handihelp is constantly encouraging people to use help from local artisans. A welder, machinist or as in this case a crafter can be a great asset. They are usually more than willing to help, make things designed for your special needs and charge a reasonable price. It dawned on me recently, to look online on Etsy, which is an e-commerce website focused on handmade and supplies, for someone who might be able to make a fur-lined mitten using the original pattern for the Quad Mitts. On Esty I found a woman who makes handcrafted sheepskin mittens and slippers. The name of her shop isElfinhugs2. When contacted she was more than interested in making a pair of mittens to my specifications. Originally, I ordered two, one regular mitten minus the thumb with a regular cuff. Since my left hand doesn’t work very well, I do not use it much. And a second not only without a thumb, but also open at both ends with some cuff material on each end. The back cuffs will help hold them in place. While a cuff on the front of the open mitten will allow my hand to be pushed out when needed and then draw back in when finished. After thinking about it, it made sense to me to have her make a third mitten that was the same as the first one I described so that I would have a pair to use when I didn't have to get my hand free. The measurements in the diagram were mine based on an old pair of mittens if your hands are clinched like mine, I would recommend measuring the circumference of your hand.


Even though these were specially made I was charged the same price as a regular pair plus one extra. They fit well, are warm and are awesome!

Right hand ready to use

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