Hunter's Gun Cradle:

Handihelp received an email the other day from the inventor of the Hunter's Gun Cradle    (This website is no longer on line)     Any italic print on this page has been taken directly from their website, as have all the photos. "He has Parkinson's disease and came up with the idea for his gun cradle when he began having difficulty holding his weapon steady to aim at his target. This invention has allowed him to continue hunting successfully for the past two years. While he created it because of his disease, this gun cradle is an excellent tool for any hunter. This product was designed by a hunter, for hunters. It is completely adjustable to allow approximately 270° of ground coverage and virtually any distance within range."


While Handihelp does not have any direct experience with the Hunter's Gun Cradle we do think it has a lot to offer many individuals with disabilities. The gun cradle is a stand-alone device with two methods of the attachment. One is a base device that is staked in to the ground and then the unit is attached to ground base. The second is a series of straps which go around a tree and then are fastened into place and the unit is suspended from the straps. Both of these methods, which can be seen in the pictures at the right, require some setup time and for many wheelchair bound individuals would require another person. Once set and the gun or crossbow is in place the user sits underneath the rig and adjusts the weapon for use. Moving would require the apparatus to be taken down and set up again. After the gun is attached to the mounting unit it seems highly maneuverable and controllable.


"This product can be converted to a bi-pod for ground use. It can also be used with one hand, which aids hunters with disabilities regain the ability to hunt."


More information can be found at Hunter's Gun Cradle or their Facebook page or at Adaptive Southern Ingenuity. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact them by phone at 352-318-5359 or email at

Several gun cradle set ups

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Standalone set up

Gun Cradle in use

Ground attachment

Tree mounting system

Wheelchair shooter

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