Andy Dahmen

The essence of who Andy is

Andy Dahmen, my good friend from Utah, was injured in a mountain bike accident over 10 years ago. He is a C6 complete quadriplegic and like all of us has struggled to maximize the functional returns he has been able to get. Andy he refuses to let his disability prevent him from doing the things he loves. He actively pursues the outdoor activities he enjoys, as well as being an active member of his hometown's Rotary and is also on the Board of Directors for the University of Utah's TRAIL program. The TRAILS program is one design to help people with disabilities return to the outdoors and get close again with nature. Andy has traveled several times with members of his Rotary club to Central American countries to aid those in their disabled communities.


He enjoys Hunting, skiing, kayaking, Fishing and other outdoor pursuits. Andy goes skiing several times a year. He uses a ski bucket mounted to a frame with two regular skis attached. The frame is a little wider which results in more stability. The skis can be controlled by what he calls joy sticks. With the joy sticks he can move the skis in different positions to help turn and to slow things down. He uses adaptive gloves to help keep his hands on the joysticks.  Even though he has a lot of control he still need another skier tethered to him to slow him down.


Andy's determination and dedication are an inspiration to all that know him. He confronts life's challenges head on and has developed a number of pieces of adaptive equipment which he shares on Handihelp.


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