Bog Gear Gun Mount:

Handihelp strongly recommends you look at the

Deadshot Treepod Mount for a power wheelchair and the

Deadshot Chairpod because they are far more versatile and less expensive than the set up on this page. There is also a Treepod mount for a Manual Wheelchair.

Many of the products made for individuals with disabilities are very expensive. I set out trying to find existing equipment that was relatively inexpensive and then modifying it to create an adaptive devise which would allow a person with quadriplegia, limited grip or compromised range of motion to mount and fire a weapon. What I have come up with is a slight modification to one of two existing products by Bog Gear which can be purchased at Cabela’s for approximately $150 dollars.


You should be aware that any modifications are neither sanctioned nor encouraged by BOG GEAR and will void any warranty that came                                                    with the product.


The two devices I used are the BOG POD Monopod ($80), and the Xtreme Shooting Rest(XSR) ($60) which is designed to be a shooting rest for a shotgun or rifle. The XSR adjusts to fit almost any weapon. The monopod is designed to telescope to the ground and be used like a shooting stick. There are other useful attachments for the monopod such as a camera or binoculars mount. BOG GEAR'S Switcheroo System allows for quick and easy change of accessories. The XSR attaches to the top of the Bog Pod and swivels 360 degrees. The swivel movement can be dampened by place a gripping material between the XSR's stem and the monopod. One thing I really like about the XSR is that the trigger is positioned behind the apparatus so it is very easy to access. As can be seen in the picture below it even allowed me to get my index finger on the trigger. Unfortunately, the elevation is adjusted by twisting the BOG POD and enabling it to telescope up or down. This will not work for me or most quadriplegics because of our poor grip. So I had to figure out another way compensate for this drawback. 

The first adaption I made was to cut the BOG monopod’s top section down to 24”. Cutting the top tube is the only major adaption that had to be made. The top tube has an inside diameter of 5/8” while my chair mounting bracket is 3/4”, outside diameter, so the machinist I went to felt the best thing to do, given my situation, was to replace the BOG POD monopod with a 3/4” solid aluminum tube. This allowed the pod to be fastened to my wheelchair. This would not be necessary if you use the Universal Chair Mount  because the hole in the mount is the same as the BOG POD monopod's diameter.


Once the height is adjusted the elevation can be controlled pulling or relaxing on a web strap which is fixed to the tube. It may also be adjusted by using your chair if it has recline. Moving into the monopod will lower the weapon, while moving backward a little will allow it to rise. When this modification is combined with my Poor Man’s Trigger Adapter (PMTA), both of the shooters hands are free to steady the weapon while firing.


I experienced some movement of my rifle while driving in my wheelchair. This is easily controlled with a bungee cord. Securing the gun in the frame can be increased by augmenting the straps provided with cable ties between the rifle and frame. The cradles on the XSR, that hold the weapon, kept loosing up so I added lock washers to the screws that hold them in place.

Before using the mount you should have an able-bodied companion fire the weapon. The first time you use the shooting mount use a small caliber rifle. The purpose of these procedures is to reduce any possible problems prior to your use of the adaption. Please understand, as in anything you do, there are certain inherent risks involved. Try this modified apparatus at your own risk.

Set up with my .22 magnum

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Dampening movement

Mounted on chair

XSR and monopod

Cutting down on movement

Lock washer

Spring gobbler

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