Inexpensive Pocket Fisherman:

Pocket Fisherman:

This July I was a presenter at a 3 day workshop at Fort Drum, N.Y., titled Accessibility for Outdoor Recreation Programs & Facilities on Military Installations. During the workshop I demonstrated my hunting and fishing adaptions. Afterward, a fellow from Arkansas told me about this inexpensive commercially available fishing device which I think has a lot of benefits for individuals in the disabled community. As a result of that I am providing this information even though I’m still in the process of adapting it for my own use.


The Pocket Fisherman, which allows one hand casting, is available at Walmart and Amazon for about $15. At 17" long when fully opened it is quite easy to manipulate and control. It includes all fishing accessories, such as a hook, a swivel, a practice casting plug, a weight, and a bobber to ensure a good catch. The reel operates smooth and quietly. This handheld rod can be folded for easy storage. The Pocket Fisherman has a notch that can be easily attached to your belt or wrist strap.


Just press the button to extend the fishing pole to its maximum length. The double-ended rod is designed to catch bigger fish by using two loops to reduce stress on the line when a fish pulls. The reel features an adjustable star drag, and can be set however you feel most comfortable. A button must be held down and then released during the casting motion.


The tubing will allow me to put the Pocket Fisherman in my Universal Mount after casting so I can reel in the line. The Stop will prevent the tubing from dropping too far. The Casting Catch will hold the line prior to casting.

My proposed adaptions

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