Garden Box Update:

A college professor on the first a day of a class designed to teach would be teachers how to teach said studies have shown that the lecture method is the worst teaching method with the least retention.  He went on to say the more senses involved in the learning process the greater the retention, and then lectured the rest of the semester. How do I know? I was in the class.


The teachers at Cinco Ranch High School in Katy Texas are not making the same mistake. They are constructing garden boxes for the students of their school including special education classes, hands on learning, even for students in wheelchairs. They had seen the Handihelp Garden Box Plans and asked if we would collaborate. This was not the first time or the last that a group asked for advice from Handihelp on building raised beds.


The most important recommendation I can make is get your measurements from the individuals who will be using them. The best and easiest way to do that is to make a template out of cardboard.  You can see the measurement methods at the top right.


Since their beds would be used by more than one student at a time they were made longer and open on all sides. Strength was maintained by using angle braces from the legs to the bottom of the box. Another change Handihelp has also made is using 2"x4"s for the bottom of the box instead of the 3/4" plywood. Two of my older boxes have had the plywood break free.


The Cinco Ranch High School as well as other groups have found that not only are many people willing to donate their time to build the boxes but local merchants will often donate the materials needed. One church group is even providing their harvests to people in need.

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Cardboard template

Distance across

Corner braces

Old bed with plywood separating

New box with 2x4 floor

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