Antique Boat Museum Lift:

My friend Andy says,“You know we are so lucky to have that thing right there. The lift really is a very simple contraption. It was not made by a medical company and sold for thousands of dollars. I am sure it was built by a welder fabricator with a simple idea."

Boat Museum Lift

The movable lift at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York is a pivoting I-beam which is attached to a column that is also one of the ceiling supports. The I-beam is pinned to the column at one end which allows it to swing. On the other end is a small winch from which a cable drops down and is attached to a crosspiece from a Hoyer lift. A sling is placed under the individual being transferred. The sling is attached to the crosspiece by S hooks on chains and the individual is then lifted in the air by the winch, swung out over the boat and lower down into a manual wheelchair which has already been placed in the boat. To take the individual out of the boat the process is just reversed.


The people at the Boat Museum are only too happy to make this service available to anyone wheelchair bound who would like to go out onto the St. Lawrence River. They will happily place you in a private boat or one of the antique boats which can be rented and taken out on the St. Lawrence River. A special thanks goes to David Dodge who always makes himself and others available to make the transfers.

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Pivot pin of lift arm

Lift end

Winch on end of I-beam

Going up

In the boat

Double catch

The one that didn't get away

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