Some Gardening Ideas:

We have not had a very good growing season this year (2013). At the end of July my wife suggested we get rid of some of the broccoli, lettuce and beets, and replant them since they all do well in cooler weather. One year we got broccoli, from the original planting, right up until Thanksgiving.

As I began cleaning out the two boxes I thought it might be helpful to mention some of the things which make my work easier. Over the years I have bought or been given a lot of items which initially thought would be helpful but over time I’ve “weeded” them out to the basic ones I use today.

All most all the tools were purchased locally or online and are made for individuals with arthritis or the elderly. The three I use the most can be seen below

. They have the advantage of allowing down pressure with little grip. By lifting with your forearm and pushing down with your hand, they work quite well. The tools are, from left to right, a trowel, a cultivator and a pointed hoe. The hoe works well for making shallow rows for planting bean-like crops.


The picture, top right, shows a tool purchased online a while ago. It serves as both a cultivator and hoe and has the additional advantage telescoping. There is a wide range of telescoping tools if reach is a problem for you. As you can see I’ve made some modification to improve control and made it permanently extended. Another store purchased tool is a plastic backpacker's trowel which is extremely light weight. I placed a cord through the handle so I could put it around my neck and not have to worry about dropping it.  Finally, I often use a rugged plastic two wheeled wheelbarrow. It can easily be moved about just by hooking your forearm under the handle and driving your wheelchair.


The remaining objects have either been modified or made. One of the more useful ones is an oil-cloth apron to which my wife added more material. It covers me and part of the chair. The strings have been removed because they often got caught in the wheels. To keep it in place we tuck it in between my legs and the leg laterals. Not shown are a long handle and whisk brooms which are used to sweep off any dirt which missed the apron.


A piece of angular metal, which is meant to hold a roll of toilet paper, is fastened to the side of one of the boxes. It holds a Rope and Hook which is there in case something is dropped and also serves as a catch to prevent long handled tools from falling over.


One of the important items that is always nearby when I'm working in the garden is a sturdy table that my son made. It holds my drink and is sturdy enough that I don't have to worry about tipping it over. It's very important to stay hydrated. 

Working the box

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Camping trowel

Wheel barrow

My apron

Tool holder

Drink nearby


Foxy in the shade

Sun dial

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