Is UV Clothing For You?

The sign in the doctor’s office read: If you had one blistering sunburn as a teen you have twice the chance of getting skin cancer. I’ve had 3 or 4 which is probably why I was there to get a malignant melanoma removed. The report on the removed section was excellent all borders were cancer free. 


Even with fair skin I was not very concerned about sunburn, as you can see from the pictures at the right. Andy, on the other hand, has a more swarthy complexion. As I'm sure you can understand, after the skin cancer diagnosis and  being told I was now at high risk I made a commitment to keep myself protected from the sun. Being a quadriplegic, being confined to a wheelchair, taking medicines which make you more susceptible to sunburns combined with the fact that I spend a lot of time outdoors makes me a prime candidate for more problems with skin cancer.


Being vaguely aware of clothing, which protected an individual from the Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun I decided to look online to see what was available. I was overwhelmed by the variety of clothing available and that in many cases it was reasonably priced. Most sporting stores have quite a selection available, but sometimes it's only found in the fishing section. At Bass Pro I purchased a long-sleeved shirt and was pleasantly surprised it only cost $45. A few days later, I purchased a pair of sleeves from UV Skinz. I was surprised to learn that the dark colors actually are more effective blocking the sun, although some people using the darker colored items complained about the heat. Both the items I purchased were white.

Wearing sleeves while driving

The UV protective clothing has the same effect as +50 sunscreen. Any type of clothing or accessories you might want are available in the different online stores.


The page Summer In a Wheelchair talks about other factors, such as hydration, to keep in mind when you're spending time outdoors in the sun, but was written awhile ago. With any boating activity protection against the sun's rays is even more important because of the reflective properties of the water and the boat. The same reflective qualities apply to snow.

Long sleeve UV shirt

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Sitting in the morning sun - NOT GOOD

Andy and me at the beach

Mark and me fishing - NO HAT

UV sleeve

Me with my Granddaughter

Andy and Dean in the boat

Driving Mr. Daisy

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