A Better Crank Adapter:

In an earlier page I adapted a Fishing Reel for more friendly use, only to find out that because of the limited ability of my left hand, I would need a reel with the crank on the right side; so I ordered one. When I received the new reel, it was quickly evident the previous crank adaptation would not work because of the differences in the crank handles. A new adaptation would be necessary.After coming up with what appeared to be the best solution, my son and I started in with the changes. I believe this type of adaptation will work on any reel.


Using a hack saw to start with we cut the grip portion of the new handle in half and then removed the plastic exposing the pin which holds the plastic on. I expected the metal pin would now fall out of the handle but it did not, because it was fasted in place on the handle. Taking the hack saw, the remainder of the pin was cut flush with the handle and then what was left was drilled out the shaft handle. A piece of 3/4” wooden dowel was cut to a length just under 3”, and then a hole was drilled through it lengthwise. A small bolt 3” long and 1/8” in diameter was passed through the hole and screwed into the crank handle. The final task, as before, was to cover the handle with friction tape which my son did for me. To the right you can see the new set up including a right handed Fishing Pole Holder.  My next challenge is to figure out a way to cast. It's been done see Casting Catch with my fishing video.

Finished product

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Old reel with adapted handle

New reel before adaption

Dowel with channel drilled

Diagram of finished product

Adapted reel handle

Ready to reel


Got a bite

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