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Amazon Echo comes in several different sizes and obviously the larger the size of the more services it can perform. A friend gave me the Amazon Echo Dot as a gift. The voice in the Echo is named Alexa and she is smarter than some people I know and much less irritating. This is one of those products made for able-bodied people, which is a windfall for any disabled person that has one. If I knew all the services Alexa can provide I would've bought one myself a long time ago.


It takes some trial and error to learn to use Alexa and the first lesson I learned is that she will not answer to Alyssa. Once plugged in and programmed she becomes a tremendous asset to ANYONE with a disability. The simple daily tasks she can perform include giving you the weather, a news update, play any kind of music you may be interested in, but her abilities far exceed those simple chores. She is able to read for you from any book found in your Kindle or on Audible. You can set her to wake you up every morning to either an alarm or music. Alexa can play soft music while you fall asleep and then shut herself off at a predetermined time. She can also be used as a timer by telling her the time duration you want her to set up. You can make shopping lists and transfer them to your iPhone as well as order directly from Amazon with Alexa.

Echo Dot

However, one of the Echo's most useful features is the ability to turn your home into a Smart home. A variety of Smart equipment is available, at very reasonable costs, which will allow you to take control of many of your appliances and functions verbally. I now have the ability, through Alexa, to turn on and off my CPAP machine as well as some of the lights in the bedroom. There are Smart wall switches, locks for your front door, Smart thermostats as well as televisions that can be controlled by Alexa and your voice. For those of us with range of motion issues, poor dexterity or limited mobility the Echo Dot offers us a great deal of control over our home environment. While, I have not used it, it is my understanding that the Echo also enables you to call and speak with other individuals who also have an Echo.


Amazon is constantly increasing the ability of the Echo to perform tasks. These improvements, unlike those with computers, do not have to be downloaded into the unit itself. Instead the new program is uploaded to the cloud and is instantly available to your Echo.


After calling tech support and being unable to understand the person who was trying to help me, I became frustrated and wrote a letter explaining my situation to Echo Support. I was contacted the same day and provided a technician who spoke comprehensible English, had complete knowledge of my situation and exercised extreme patience in helping me solve the problems I faced. Here you can get instructional Help for Alexa and Alexa Guide.

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