Fishing Pole Holder:

A fisherman I am not! I can wait hours and hours for a wild turkey or a deer, but I can't wait five minutes for a fish to bite. I live about 8 miles from the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands area of northern New York, and I have never fished here. Many of my friends have told me that fishing here is different; you get bites right away. So I have decided to try, and in order to do that, I must have an apparatus that attaches to my wheelchair that will hold the fishing pole; so that's why I started working on this pole holder.


I began by using a hack saw to cut a piece of one and a half inch PVC pipe about 8 inches long. I then took a piece of 3/4" aluminum tubing, which fit the Chair Mount on my wheelchair, and drilled a hole through it. Some friction tape was placed on the tube where I was going to drill to help pervent the drill bit from wandering. I also began with a small drill bit because it would be easier to start the hole. After drilling the first hole, a larger bit was used to make the original hole larger. Next I drilled a hole through one side of the PVC pipe. Using a magnet, to which I had attached a bolt, I lowered the bolt into the tubing, worked it out the hole and then placed the outside portion of the bolt through the hole in the tubing. My next concern was to prevent the handle of the fishing pole from spinning around in the PVC pipe. What I decided to do was to cut a notch in one end of the pipe for the frame of the reel to slide into and keep it from rotating. I took the piece of PVC off the aluminum and placed it in the vice upright. Holding a hack saw at an extreme angle, enabled me to saw about an inch into one side of the tube without cutting the other side. I made two cuts about a 1/2" apart and then drilled holes in the pipe between the two cuts. The holes were drilled close together weakening the piece so it could be broken out. When the piece that made the notch was taken out, a file was used to smooth the edges of the cut. After fishing, it was obvious that the stability of the pole could be increased if the notch cut was deeper. With the first cut done I realized it was possible to remove a second section of PVC making the notch twice as deep. The picture on the bottom right shows the pole after the first notch was removed while the picture below shows the  unit after the second notch was removed. 


It became necessary to drill another hole and place a second bolt between the PVC pipe and the aluminum tubing, because in some instances the weight of the pole pulled the PCV tube down. After this was done, it was just a matter of cutting the aluminum tubing to the desired length and placing a commercial stop on it. Having done all the work from sawing the pipes, to drilling the holes, to placing the bolts and fastening the nuts gives me a great deal of satisfaction.


I quickly realized I needed to come up with some adaptations to help me operate the reel handles and cast. What I came up with was the Fishing Reel Crank Adapter, A Better Crank Adaption and the Casting Catch which also has my fishing video.

I first developed fishing pole holder last year in 2012. As stated, at the beginning of this page, I was not a fisherman when I started. However, over the last year I’ve started fishing quite a bit and got to enjoy it very much. Several times I've mentioned the importance of going back and taking another look at things that have been created to see if they can be modified and improved. After fishing more and more I realized that the sharp angle of the fishing pole, which is created by the pole holder, caused a number of problems. As a result the angle of the PVC tube on the aluminum pipe was changed. As the angle became more gradual it was impossible to put in a second bolt between the PVC and aluminum. I took a piece of aluminum strap, bolted one end to the tube and other to the pipe. I used wing nuts so they could loosen and the PVC angle adjusted. You can see the angle of the pole is very similar to the normal position the rod would be held in. For another type of holder see Andy's Pole Holder.

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